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The Rock Button Manifesto

When I first met Jeff I wasn't sure what to expect, for better or for worse. After 2 long years of working with local small businesses, I had become callous to the agenda of entrepreneurs in my community. I found very quickly that Jeff's agenda had almost nothing to do with him & everything to do with helping others. Color me intrigued....

Jeff has created something obscure & wonderful within the community of South Bend. The Rocki Button has come from such humble beginnings to find itself overlooking Michigan St. As we prepare for the April Launch & the oncoming months, we must observe the effort that has been poured into the community by Kristi & Jeff.

It is notable that, they truly only care about providing a safe place for people that enjoy the eclectic nature of the artists in South Bend. For us, it isn't about one niche vs. another, it is about being able to be yourself & KNOWING you won't be judged for it. 

In my own experience as a marketing specialist, I have to say that every artist is different. From the schedule to price, ambitions & lifestyle. As a curator, Jeff has been able to provide for the most obscure & diverse talent in our community. As his Marketing Support, I wholeheartedly aim to accomplish his vision of a profitable artist community. In all honesty, I am inspired every day to build this website & design something that provides multi-faceted value to the city & people I love.


Don't miss the first event from the Rocki Button Creative on April 7th, 2023


Life Of Eye Author, DJ Fisher is the founder of 574WARD Marketing & Media. While completing his MBA at LSUS, DJ has had the pleasure of supporting his close friend Jeff by acting as the author of the RBM Blog & Marketing Specialist.


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